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gastro safe zone

The COVID-19 restrictions closed thousands gastro businesses around the world.
External safe zones with immobile three-seat tables enable countries to open restaurants, coffee houses, and bars. Even if only in the restricted mode.

testing of the prototype

safe zone concept

The safe zone offers a possibility for external eating while obey current restrictions. The goal is to support local businesses.
The customer picks his favorite food at the open restaurant window, pays contactless, and then in the safe zone enjoys the food and drink with his/her partner and one other member of the family, safely without a face mask.

immediate effect

GASTRO SAFE ZONE allows safe return of customers to the city streets and bring back at least some income to gastro businesses to help them to keep their crucial employees and survive!
Customers get their personal safe space in the safe zone that helps them feel less threatened by the movement of other people in their surroundings.

squares riverside

We will use public spaces - currently empty streets, squares, other areas - and create safe zones for the gastro businesses to survive.

variation for every space

The safe zone circle concept can be modified to different arrangements to suit a particular space requirements. The only thing that needs to be kept are the safe zone parameters.

cross-industry solution

The demand for a production of the Gastro Safe Zone dining sets generates an opportunity for local craftsmens who are struggling due to the COVID-19 restrictions as well.

dining set

The stable tripod has three seats and an easy to disinfect table top.
An optional umbrella offers sun protection and rain cover.
The set can be anchored.

COVID-19 future

The dining sets can be re-used in parks, forests, at the playgrounds, near the river, cottages, or stay a part of the city furniture. Local artists can use the powerful graphic raster as a stage, gallery, or it can function as a children's playground.


The Gastro Safe Zone! program is basically non-movable dining sets put in strictly defined “safe zones” approved by authorities. The “safe zone” grid protects both customers and the staff of restaurants. Gastro Lives brings a coordinated revival of gastro establishments after the strictest quarantine regulations can be loosened up.

There is a space for eating without a face mask inside the safe zone. Outside the safe zone, people move with their masks put on. The food ordering, paying, and picking up is done through a window of a restaurant. The contact between costumers and the staff is minimized. The staff disinfects the dining tables, or customers sanitize them with prepared self-disinfecting kits.

The key idea of ​​this program is to regulate outside eating and cooperate with authorities for safe continuing of a tradition of eating in city streets. The graphic design of safe zones and a spacing grid of them aim at considerate behavior among people and controlled awakening of gastronomic businesses.

The main goal is to reopen restaurants, cafes, and pubs in a safe and state-regulated way. We want to consult the acquisition cost with the government, cities, and towns.

We also think of businesses that do not reside in the squares (although in smaller municipalities, it is the square where "the city lives”). The solution for narrow streets will be half modules, which will be next to the wall of the shop, or the temporary use of parking spaces. Everything should work on the principle of solidarity - in order to survive, restaurants will slightly reduce the comfort of others. Transit of supply and IRS will not be restricted.

The construction is hot-dip galvanized, and therefore it is resistant and stable. Used materials meet the requirements of authorities on disinfection and maintenance. Coronavirus does not survive on copper surfaces, so that it can be used too.

The dining sets construction is designed to be stackable and can be stored in large amounts in small spaces.

We chose a clear and simple graphic design to be used in public spaces. Czech “Gastro Safe Zone!” is a circle; it has the same distance from the center dining set point. The circle also means infinity, and it means life and coherence. Just because we chose circle safe zones and dining sets does not mean we don´t want to see other countries interpret the same idea differently.

Current restrictions in the Czech republic allow to go out in pairs or with the members of the same household. Three-seat-construction meets both stability and safety requirements.

gastro safe zone supporters

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Solution for all countries

Our solution is not limited just to the Czech Republic! We believe that can help in all countries and cities that were hit by COVID-19 and must have closed their gastro businesses to stop the spread of the disease.